Forsyth Park

Took some photos in Forsyth Park, Savannah, SC, yesterday. This is a great fountain!

Fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah, SC
Fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah, SC

A Bride on River Street

Am really getting into street photography. As I was walking on River Street, in Savannah, GA a couple of days ago, I saw this lovely bride being photographed. I jumped in and took a couple of photos myself as they were preparing her for the next shot. Then I found that she was a model and they were doing a promotional shoot, what fun!

Sandwich Man Smiles

I actually took a series of five photographs of “Sandwich Man”. As I looked at the photos, I could see that apparently we had a conversation, and he agreed to be photographed. This photo of a smiling “Sandwich Man” is slightly out of focus and got damaged at some point. I also have what I believe are two photos of his business partner. As you can see here, this and the photo below were informally posed. I am happy with the results and credit it to taking the time to interact with my interesting subject.

Sandwich Man and That Look

I printed in the old traditional dark room way, this photo which I named “Sandwich Man”. When I scanned the negative to digitize the image almost forty years later, I recognized the photo, but was not sure about the circumstances of actually taking the photo and that rather sour expression.

When doing street photography, some people ask permission to take a photo of the person and some just shoot. What had I done in this case? By the way, I do shoot both ways, but am finding asking and conversing with the person first often results in much better results. The next photo I post may help explain the process further…

If you can not view this photo, it is because Steve Jobs has censored it.

Who Is This Man from the Englishtown Auction – Flea Market?

Who Is This Man? I really don’t know, but have good memories of taking his picture at the Englishtown Auction – Flea Market in New Jersey, circa 1970. This was one of my first attempts at what generally would be considered “Street Photography”. I will be posting more photos of my friend here along with others from that day. He was also the subject of my first entry on this blog. Prints are available at:


Sandwich Man by John Van Horn

I am presently working on a series of photos from the English Town Auction in New Jersey, which I took in the early 1970s. The first photo I have worked with is “Sandwich Man”. I intend to post some more photos in the form of Ken Burns type movies here and on You Tube as well as starting work on including these photos on my new website . Prints are available at: